Ranelagh Harriers Richmond Half Marathon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run for a charity? We do not offer charity places but you are very welcome to run on behalf of a charity if you wish to.

Can I wear headphones? NO. It is for your safety that the wearing of headphones of any kind is banned. UK Athletics rules now state that headphones are banned from races held on single carriageways that are not closed to traffic. The Race Director will collect any headphones she sees at the start for safekeeping, and marshals are advised to report the numbers of any runner seen wearing headphones during the race. Reported runners may be disqualified without warning. We will not risk the safety of any runner our own liability or future race permission by allowing headphones of any kind.

Is there a cut-off time? Finish time cut-off is two and half hours. Tail bike/marshal support and finish line timing will be withdrawn for any finishers outside this time and times over 2:30 will not be reported.

Are roads closed? No roads will be closed to traffic so please keep to the left when on the highway, observe the Highway Code and treat other road users with respect.  Running on the roads when pavement is available is also banned. Please obey marshal instructions. You will be disqualified if you endanger yourself or others by your actions.

Can I drop off a kit bag for the finish line? Yes, but please be merciful to the volunteers, most of whom will be secondary school students from a local school, who will transport your bags to the finish line, organise them, and retrieve them for you. We would really appreciate it if you would not bring large, bulky or heavy bags to the start - bring only what you will need at the finish. Also, volunteers are instructed not to accept purses, wallets, phones, bank cards, etc

Do I have to be affiliated with a club to participate? Not at all. Affiliated runners are encouraged to participate as this event is the Surrey League Half Marathon Championship race, but unaffiliated runners are also very welcome. Our race is a particularly friendly and welcoming event, with over 90 marshals  and family members from our club and other local clubs  supporting runners along the route. Runners from all over the world participate every year.